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Music lovers are always looking for reliable music sites to listen or download mp3 music for free. While some search through Google or the other search engines, some head over to YouTube, the most popular video streaming site. Most of the time, a music site doesn’t cover all the music genres or asks for a paid subscription to download music. On the other hand, YouTube may be blocked in some parts of the world.

Ytune is one such site which is accessible from anywhere in the world. We offer a complete collection of music to listen online or download for free. Our music database is updated and maintained frequently to include the latest songs and tunes. Furthermore, we also list trending and the most downloaded songs on our front page to make them easily available for listeners. You can also run a search for your favorite song via search bar by typing in the required song name or the artist name. Ytune will return all the possible songs by the song or artist name you’ve typed in, making the song search process incredibly easy. You also have the option to either stream live or download the song/ an entire music album for free to your hard drive.

The music you download from Ytune is of high quality and doesn’t contain any hidden viruses unlike other music sites, which not only infect your PC but also invade your privacy, ruining your search for great music. If you have problems listening or downloading MP3 music from Ytune, you can contact our technical team to get the required assistance. Instead of going through multiple sites in search of a song, use Ytune - a complete music database to enjoy countless hours of live MP3 music streaming! Download music online free now and share with your friends for a fun-filled music experience.